Wagen can design and build any trolley to meet your needs

If one of our standard trolleys do not meet your needs we can design and build a trolley to meet your specific requirements.

Examples of custom project that we have taken on:

  • Wooden top stainless steel conference display benches
  • Custom built table trolley for conference tables
  • Step access picking trolley with garment rail for a leading fashion company
  • Lockable docment trolleys
  • Oversized platform trolleys
  • Customer size linen trolleys with tow bar
  • Custom built gastronome trolleys to fit a specific size kitchen
  • Trolley to transport bean bags
  • Solicitor trolleys with raised handles
  • Trolleys to carry pipes down underground tunnels
  • Motorised maids carts


Whatever you need we can design and build it for you.

Call the team now on 02 9623 4488 or e mail us with your requirements at sales@wagen.com.au and we will build it for you

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