Wagen Appliance Trolley with Ratchet Silver Foam Filled

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Gal Appliance Trolley Ratchet & Foam Filled


Wagen has been providing hand trucks and trolleys for over 40 years. Over this time we have refined and developed our range to meet the demands of the user, Wagen Appliance and Removalist Trolleys are designed with this in mind.

This general purpose galvanised coated mid-sized appliance galvanised Appliance Trolley is suitable for removalists handling  filing cabinets, washing machines, stoves and smaller refrigerators.

Riveted plastic protection strips are fitted as standard to both handles of the appliance hand truck.

The large 250mm diameter precision ball bearing wheels on this appliance hand truck are ideal for rougher ground, steps, gutters, etc.

An optional appliance hand truck ratchet assembly with a 3600mm strap is available to secure large or awkward loads to your appliance hand truck.



  • Triangular reinforcement to side frames
  • Heavy gauge toe plate design with radiuses 
  • 2 x Guide wheels for easier manoeuvrability
  • 20mm solid 1 piece steel axle positioned
  • A foot fulcrum for easier tilting.
  • Puncture proof wheels


  • Flat back with frame rail protection making it ideal for moving filing cabinets, office furniture, small fridges and general merchandise.
  • Fully welded construction to provide maximum strength and longevity.
  • Heavy gauge toe plate design with radiuses to corners to avoid damage to goods, walls, etc.
  • Triangular reinforcement to side frames for better rigidity and control.
  • Recessed rear ratchet mounting rail to avoid damage to carried items.
  • 2 x Guide wheels for easier manoeuvrability when positioning goods.
  • 20mm solid 1 piece steel axle positioned to be used a foot fulcrum for easier tilting.



  • Hot dip galvanised frame for superior corrosion resistance and reduced maintenance over the life of the product.


Puncture Proof Wheels:


Wheels are important and can be one of the first part of a trolley to break. If you are investing in a trolley invest in good steel rimmed wheels not plastic wheels that will break under loads that the trolley frame may be able to handle.


Puncture proof wheels have similar characteristics as Pneumatic Tyres without the need to inflate the tyres; the tyres are filled with a foam filling instead of air. These wheels give you peace of mind when you don’t have access to inflation devices or pumps or the trolley is used in puncture prone areas.






Ratchet & Belt

Toe Plate

Shipping Weight

Length x Width x Height






500 x 490 x 1270mm

Flat Free Foam Fill Tyres




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