Wagen Platform Trolley Single Handle Large Blue

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WAGEN Platform Trolleys are manufactured with strength and durability in mind. The features include:

  • Fully welded 40x20mm steel tube sub frame.

  • Castor mounts are fully welded to allow plate castors to be bolted on in both 4 and 6 wheel configurations, which improves serviceability and reduces maintenance costs.

  • 33mm diameter Tube handle, fully welded to sub frame with gusset supports for increased strength with 2x30x4 mm horizontal support struts to reduce handle flex under heavy loads.

  • Deck has radius corners in the front to help minimise damage to people and property due to being hit by sharp edges.

  • 1.2mm steel deck welded to sub frame.

  • 160mm diameter castors with roller bearings for reduced rolling resistance.

  • Powdercoated for increased scratch resistance compared to normal paint.

  • Up to 600kg capacity



Shipping weight 50kg


Handle and castors LengthxWidthxHeight Deck size
Yes 1235x780x975mm 1200x760mm





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