Wagen Luggage Garment Trolley 4 Star Medium Silver

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Stainless Steel Luggage & Garment Trolley

The Wagen Luggage and Garment trolley is constructed from a robust fully welded stainless steel tubular frame, thick plywood base and strong castors built on a fully welded Stainless steel chassis.  Our trolleys are built to last which is why Wagen provides a 2 year guarantee on all our products.

The Luggage Garment trolley is smaller than a Bellboy birdcage trolley, though the hanging rail makes it ideal when customers arrive with lots of dresses and suits not in suitcases.

Made from brushed stainless steel which stops grease marks from hands showing the Luggage Garment Trolley is great for excess luggage

200mm Grey rubber non marking castors for greater mobility (2 fixed & 2 swivel, 1 with brake) in a B Rig configeration, though extra fixed wheels can be added to give extra maneuverability.  This is a C Rig.

Rubber wrap around buffer to protect walls and surface.

If you have an entrance with a slope add a hammer lock for extra security.



Finish : Brushed Stainless Steel

Length x Width x Height : 1300 x 650 x 1850mm

Castors: B Rig - Grey Rubber 200mm 2 fixed 1 swivel 1 swivel/brake (C Rig also available)

Hammer lock footbrake also available for extra security

Shipping Weight:  40 kg



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