Wagen Maids Cart 4 Star 2 Bags Medium Primrose

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Wagen's Maids Cart

The Maid’s cart or Service Trolley (also called as a room attendants trolley, or chamber maid’s trolley) is perhaps the most significance piece equipment in the housekeeping department. it is like a giant tool box, stocked with everything necessary to service a guest room effectively.

Wagen Maid's carts are made from metal which lasts much longer than plastic.

Wagen has a range of housekeeping carts helps you organise everything for making up your guest rooms.  Call us if you would like any specific features.

Our standard Maid's cart has been developed to be the complete workstation for any housekeeper who wants to get the job done quickly.

Stainless steel construction with Powdercoated finish is durable and easy to clean


  • Comes in a range of colours - ask for details
  • D buffer all round to protect your walls.
  • Removable heavy duty bags
  • Carries 2 bags easily
  • Deep top tray for plenty of storage.
  • Easy rolling and less push effort.
  • 200mm non marking castors
  • Extra bags available
  • Capacity: Large Cart 9 to 15 rooms
  • Durable and easy to clean




Finish : Powdercoated

Capacity Large Cart 9 to 15 rooms

Length x Width x Height1420L x 570W x 1170H mm including buffer

Shipping Weight80KG

Castors : 200mm non marking castors

Top box 770L x 550w x 200d



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