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Wagen will not be beaten on price or quality when it comes to pallet jacks

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Why do all pallet jacks appear to be the same but there can be such a difference in pricing?  As with everything in life you pay for what you get! 

Pallet Jacks are primarily made of steel so the cheaper the price the less steel that they will have used in the manufacture of the device.  The cheaper it is less steel that is used the weaker it is.

Wagen has a range of pallet jacks to meet your budget and needs.

If you are buying a cheaper hand jack trolley, then it is unlikely to last as long as a more expensive one as it will also have cheaper componentary such as the wheels and the bearings.  Yes it will be able to lift 2 or 3 tonnes though with a cheaper unit you may not be able to pull the jack that easily as the wheels have cheap bearings.  Also you may not be able to do this on a regular basis and the hydraulics may give up in a shorter period of time.

The difference between the Wagen range of pallet jacks is our more expensive units have:

  • better wheels and bearings making them easier to push
  • thicker steel and welds making them stronger so they will last longer
  • cast steel hydraulic housing meaning that oil is less likely to leak over time.

If you use pallet jacks all the time and move heavy amounts then invest in our premuim units.

If you are only using it occasionally then our economy units should be sufficient for your requirements.

If you would like any more information on which pallet jack is best for you then call or e mail Nathaniel (Nat) on 0407 967 536.

If you would like a lifting trolley rather than a pallet jack then click here to check out our range of lifting trolleys

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